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Understanding and Support is but a Step Away

Whether you are the individual, a family member, an employer, a significant other, a school, an agency, or just an ally Transformative Services LLC has the ability to help.  Jaime Lammers, owner, is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been advocating for and assisting individuals within the LGBTQ+ community since 2016.  As a certified gender diversity/transgender trainer and consultant through the Transgender Training Institute, a gender specialized therapist, an adjunct professor of Multiculturalism at Lakeland University, and a transgender individual Jaime has the experience and education (both professionally and personally) to help support you or those you care about.

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Services I Offer


Individual Therapy


If you are looking for therapy from a transgender individual geared specifically for the LGBTQ culture, then you need not look further.  I am specialized in gender and LGBTQ services.

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Group Therapy


For many, the act of coming out, transitioning, and interacting with society can be daunting.  Many find that peer support and professional guidance can provide confidence and peace of mind.  Groups are made to create this guidance and support for those in their transitional or coming out process.

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Certified Training


Whether you are a business, healthcare, school, agency, organization, community, family, or the public Transformative Services LLC can provide you with training that will get you caught up to the very edge of understanding.  LGBTQ, transgender, gender diversity, microaggressions reduction, prejudice/discrimination sensitivity, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity), and more.  I have the ability to tailor your learning experience to match your needs, whether you are a group of 1 or 10,000. In person or by video platform.

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The world of understanding and supporting gender diversity, sexual diversity, and people with intersectionality is rapidly evolving.  If you have not reviewed your ability to meet their needs within the last couple years, you may be out of date.  If you have not reviewed in the last five years, I can almost guarantee that you are out of date.  Consultation is the best way to ensure that you are not missing crucial components.  Make sure that you use someone who has personal and professional knowledge to ensure your success in meeting your objectives.  I have the skills, knowledge, diverse experiences, and up to date understanding that you need (both personal and professional).

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Peer & Family Mentoring


Most people who are looking to affirm themselves in their gender or sexuality need a support structure that conforms to their needs.  At Transformative Services LLC, I am willing to accompany and support you in your journey.  Whether that be accompanying you to the doctor's office, human resource department, family meeting, coming out conversation, clothing store, courthouse, or meet to talk at your place of comfort I am willing to provide my presence, knowledge, and unwavering support.  Contact me with your request to find out how I can help you in your journey to the natural you.


Business & Organization Assessments


Contact us to set up an official assessment that reviews your business, agency, or organization both from the top down AND from the bottom up.  We check over and test your policies and practices for affirmation, support, and being an active ally towards LGBTQ and racially diverse individuals.  If you receive a high enough scoring you will receive recognition and recommendation from Transformative Services LLC for being a safe and supportive place to work and be a customer.  If you do not receive high enough scoring we will be able to recommend methods and policy changes that will be able to get you up to date and adequately supportive.

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Contact Info and Home Area

Please reach out with any questions, clarifications, or requests.  My biggest desire is to help create a better world for LGBTQ individuals.  All requests will be considered.

Sheboygan, WI

(920) 523-4096

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